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Have you got the need for speed? Let a good racing game scratch that itch! Fire up your nitro boosters and climb into the vehicle of your choice, it is time to burn some rubber. Our selection of racing games challenge your reflexes as you speed through the world as fast as possible. Pick up power-ups, use weapons or speed boosts to gain first place, and memorize tracks to optimize each lap. Whether you are playing a kart game in a friendly environment or driving dirt bikes in a wild and insane city, the faster you go the better off you are.

Did you know racing games come in a huge variety of styles and designs? You can go off road in challenging (and dangerous) urban races, hop on a motorcycle and speed through the streets on two wheels, jump on snowmobiles, drive buses, or even pilot a go kart! Some games let you customize and upgrade your vehicle for bigger nitro boosts, stronger armor, better weapons, or tires with better grip. It is just you and the open road, so download a racing game and start your engines!

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